The importance of extremely high-quality Permanent Make-up pigments

The importance of extremely high-quality PMU pigments.

It’s not only the pigments that get under your skin! Our Master Permanent Make-up Artist also gets under your skin, as a professional expert, to professionally achieve the optimal, aesthetic result. An artistic, highly skilled craft! Handiwork by a true specialist!

Quality comes at a price! This is widely known to be true for all types of products and services. And the same is true for permanent make-up pigments. That is why I have already explained in previous posts that inexpensive permanent make-up treatments are effectively a problem waiting to happen.

The cost of a good permanent make-up initial application/treatment depends on two very important elements.

First of all, the person who is applying the permanent make-up.

Performing permanent make-up treatments is a true craft: professional and artistic handiwork which is best left to an expert in all cases. In PMU jargon, we call this person a Master Permanent Make-up Artist.  This is a specialist who has been exclusively trained to perform permanent make-up treatments.

In order to obtain an optimal aesthetic result, a professional Master Degree training is truly a necessity. When you must have surgery, you choose a surgeon and not someone else, don’t you?

Well, to get a permanent make-up treatment on your face—whether with an eyeliner, at the eyebrows or for a lip contour—or for areola pigmentation, scalp pigmentation and scar camouflage treatments, to name just a few of the most important PMU disciplines, you should also choose a true expert in the field.

You will most probably pay a somewhat higher price, but in return you receive a guarantee of quality! After all, this is about your face of another part of your body, isn’t it?

Secondly, the quality of the permanent make-up pigments is key.

Permanent make-up pigments are different than the pigments used for tattoos. Besides that, there are enormous differences in the quality of these pigments. So it is logical that these differences also influence the price of the ultimate permanent make-up treatment.

¨In the Master training, we did sometimes joke about using cheap Chinese ink. However, it really is no joke. Chinese ink should only be used on porcelain vases, certainly not on your skin.¨

The pigments used for permanent make-up have a different particle size. Tattoo ink is also less expensive and has a much finer structure than permanent make-up pigments. The particle size of black tattoo ink is actually 50 times smaller than that of the black eyeliner pigment used for permanent make-up.

Fine pigment particles like those cannot be used on the face. The chance that this pigment will run when applying eyeliners, for example, or that your permanent make-up will fade to petrol grey or even to red is exceedingly great.

Most permanent make-up pigments are made up of inorganic iron oxide compounds. Your body has a complex iron metabolism. The colour of our blood, skin pigment (melanin), bile and faeces are all determined by iron oxide compounds. One of the reasons that permanent make-up fades is that our body breaks down iron oxides.

Tattoo pigments are usually made of carbon (black) or of organic pigments. Your body cannot break down most of these pigments and therefore they remain visible. Tattoo pigments are not suitable for permanent make-up applications on your face.

PMU pigmenten

The importance of extremely high-quality Permanent Make-up pigments

Any more questions? Please do not hesitate to book an intake interview free-of-charge with Master Permanent Make-up Artist Fernando Nascimento using this contact form.

Already familiar with permanent make-up treatments and ready to make an appointment? Do not hesitate to call us at +32 800 82 918 or +32 3 231 53 97 or, if you prefer a mobile telephone number, at +32 479 920 407, and make your well-deserved permanent make-up appointment today!

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