Your perfect eyeliner? Master Permanent Make-up Artist Fernando Nascimento gives you 7 tips in 1. The one tip—just go for permanent make-up!


Choose a permanent make-up application for your perfect eyeliner!

Have you had enough of trying to apply the perfect eyeliner every morning?

Applying eyeliner can be quite a complicated little job. With shaking hands, you try to draw a perfectly straight line, but good luck getting it right… Permanent Perfection® Institute, under the direction of a Master Permanent Make-up Artist, gives you the SEVEN ‘needless‘ tips to succeed here.

Can you identify with the seven tips below, and are you tired of trying to follow them every morning? Then don’t hesitate. Use this form to book your well-deserved appointment today for a ‘FREE Intake interview’ at one of the institutes where Fernando Nascimento does his work!

7 needless tips for the perfect eyeliner

 Start with a primer

A primer ensures that your eyeliner does not run or smudge during the day, either due to sweat or to an unexpected rain shower. With primer, you are sure the eyeliner will stay in place all day.

Curl your eyelashes

Do you use an eyelash curler? If so, then curl your eyelashes first and apply the eyeliner only after they have been curled. This sequence prevents smudging.

Only use black on the upper lid

And for the lower lid, choose a dark brown shade. Dark brown is subtler.

Use a tool to help you

If you do not have a steady hand, simple sticky tape can help.

Fill in the eyelash line

Once you get the line right, then you will probably still see a tiny bit of skin gleaming between the eyelash line and the eyeliner. Press the eyelashes upward and carefully fill in the exposed skin. This gives you a super tight line.

Smudge the eyeliner slightly

By very carefully smudging your eyeliner with a thin make-up sponge, you ensure that the space up to the eyelash line is filled even more precisely. Plus, it appears more natural than a hard line. If you also lightly smudge the eyeliner on the upper lid, then you have the basis for the perfect smoky eye.

Do not pull on your eyelid.

It is so tempting—to pull up the corners of the eyelid to obtain a flatter surface for applying the eyeliner. But the fragile skin around your eyes can easily be damaged like this. It can really cause wrinkles.

So now is it clear why Fernando Nascimento calls these seven tips needless?  Go for a permanent make-up application!

Fernando looks forward to welcoming you for a free intake interview. Already familiar with permanent make-up? Make a reservation today for the initial application of your well-deserved eyeliner!

We hope to see you soon in his home practice or at any one of the institutes where Master Permanent Make-up Artist Fernando Nascimento does his work.

Permanent Perfection® Institute
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Fernando Nascimento
Toll-free Green Number: +32 800 82 918

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