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If you get the answering machine of the specialist? Please leave a message after the tone. He is for sure in a treatment and will call yoi back as soon as he is free!

Would you like to book a free intake interview or an initial make-up application? Please use the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We work in Belgium with local as well as with many international clients. That is why we think it is important to mention that the intake interview can be conducted in several languages.

  • Fernando Nascimento, Master Permanent Make-up Artist, can personally conduct the intake interview in Dutch, French, English, Portuguese or Spanish. It is a great advantage to obtain the complete, professional explanation of our services in your own native language.
  • Fernando Nascimento,Master Maquillage Permanent, peut faire la consultations personele en Néerlandais, Français, Anglais, Portugais et Espagnol. Il est un grand avantage pour obtenir l’explication complet d’ un expert, dans votre langue maternelle
  • Fernando Nascimento, Master Permanent Make-up, can provide the personal interview in Dutch, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish. It is a big advantage to obtain the full professional explanation in your native language.
  • Fernando Nascimento, Master Maquillage Permanente, le hace todo mas facil, tenga su cita en su idioma materno. Holandes, Frances, Ingles, Español y Portugues. Es una gran ventaja poder explicarse en su idioma y obtener toda la información.
  • Fernando Nascimento, Master Maquilhagem Permanente, atende as suas consultas em Holandês, Francês, Inglês, Espanhol e Português. E uma grande vantagem receber toda a informação no seu próprio idioma e poder explicar-se no mesmo.


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