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Alopecia areata! Permanent make-up solution with hair simulation – micro hair pigmentation of the scalp and reconstruction of the eyebrows

Alopecia areata!
By Fernando Nascimento, Master Permanent Make-up Artist 

Medical permanent make-up techniques in cases of Alopecia Areata or for bald spots or the loss of the eyebrows due to other causes

Alopecia areata (or spot baldness) is a disorder of the hair in which a person suddenly becomes partially bald. This disorder can occur at any age, in both men and women. It is estimated that 1 in 1000 to 2000 people suffer from this disorder. Studies in the US and in Europe, however, indicate that the percentage may be much higher: 1.7% of all people will have had one of the forms of this auto-immune disease before they turn 50, even though it may have been in its least striking form.

An inflammatory process around the root of the hair impedes the root’s function. This results in misshapen and weakened hair and ultimately in the total cessation of the hair’s growth. Initially, this results in bald spots. In serious cases, however, the disease process may lead to complete baldness. Because the roots of the hair remain intact, as opposed to some other disorders in which the hair follicles atrophy, there is a chance that the hair will grow back. However, the prognosis worsens as the disease progresses. The prognosis is also poor when the disease arises at a young age and when there are frequent relapses.

The spots where alopecia areata occurs are often round or oval in shape. In these spots, all of the hair falls out. These areas of the skin, however, are not scarred, red or inflamed as they may be with other disorders of the hair and scalp. At the edges of the affected spots are loose hairs, and sometimes small hairs, called exclamation point hairs, can be seen there.

See the photo below of a typical alopecia areata spot on the scalp.

alopecia-areata-hoofd (1)

Alopecia Areata – Permanent Make-up – Tricopigmentation

If alopecia areata occurs on the scalp with longer healthy hair surrounding it, scalp camouflage may be the right technique to hide the bald spots. If the hair around the bald spots is shaved short, hair simulation techniques can be used by applying pigment to mimic hair stubble.

In cases of alopecia areata totalis, which causes complete baldness of the scalp, or in cases of other causes of baldness, including baldness due to aging or definitive baldness as a result of chemotherapy, the total scalp can be treated with a permanent make-up scalp pigmentation technique. This technique results in a short, shaved look.

A well-known example of a complete scalp pigmentation or scalp micro hair pigmentation is the actor Vin Diesel!

schedelpigmentatie-voorbeeld (1)

Scalp pigmentation – Tricopigmentation – Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up techniques for hair simulation are applied wherever you think they are necessary.

No one should have to walk around bald or with bald spots! It’s a very insecure feeling.

This is especially the case for women and men who lose their eyebrows due to alopecia areata—a true catastrophe. Request your free intake interview now!  At the first consultation, we discuss the possibilities and the treatment in detail. Fernando Nascimento, Master Permanent Make-up Artist specialising in this field of permanent make-up, advises you about the best options for you.

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 Fernando Nascimento
Master Permanent Make-up Artist, specialising in dermatography
Permanent Perfection® Institute