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Nowadays, thanks to permanent make-up techniques, every woman or man can look more beautiful and more attractive, no matter the circumstances. Just a few minutes are enough to redraw the face, to give the eyes a new allure and to make that radiance permanent!

Permanent pigmentation is the injection of vegetable- or mineral-based ink into the uppermost layer of the dermis using an ultra-fine needle. The non-allergenic pigments can be mixed to obtain personalised colours that are matched to the colour of your skin and hair.

This type of pigmentation is completely different than that used for tattoos (different pigments, different depth of application, different injection technique). It can be applied at any age and is used to:

  • Fill in thin eyebrows or gaps in eyebrow growth in a natural manner.
  • Rework the contour of the mouth, to make the lips fuller or to enhance their colouration, if their natural colour has faded.
  • Make the eyes more intense by reinforcing the pigmentation between the eyelashes.
  • Emphasise the eyes with a stroke of eyeliner or a slightly blurred kohl effect.
  • Correct or camouflage certain defects (cleft lip, scars, repair of the areola, correction of poorly executed permanent make-up, application of beauty spots…)

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After an anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated, pencil is used to draw the lip contour, the line of the eyebrows or the stroke of eyeliner. This is done to get an idea of the final effect. Once the patient is satisfied, the actual procedure may begin.

The needles used and the pigment packages are sterile, of course, and are only used once. Even the plastic container where the colour is stored is disposed of after each use.

The procedure lasts approximately one hour per treated zone. For the first few days, the result will be darker than desired, but after a week, the definitive colour is attained.

As a result of the renewal of the cells, the colour may gradually fade after three to five years. One to two months after the initial application, the result will be checked and retouched, if necessary (these follow-ups are included in the price). Later, a small annual check-up is recommended to refreshen the colour. Completely without obligation! You are automatically notified when the time comes.

After the treatment, the eyes may swell slightly. This swelling goes down after 24 to 48 hours. Patients who have ever had herpes (“fever blisters”) on the lips are advised to take Zovirax or Zelitrex pills as a preventive measure.

Permanent make-up: an innovative, non-allergenic and painless technique that highlights your own natural beauty!

Golden advice! Do be sure to choose a Master Permanent Make-up Artist—one who is exclusively specialised in permanent make-up techniques and who offers an excellent price/quality ratio!

Included in our prices are:

  • Initial application by nationally and internationally trained Master Permanent Make-up Artist
  • Specialising exclusively in permanent make-up techniques and with years of experience
  • Continuing education in the latest PMU techniques
  • Areas of expertise: eyebrows, eyeliner and lips
  • Other sub-specialisations: scalp micro hair pigmentation and areola repigmentation
  • Important! High-quality pigments guaranteed not to discolour!
  • All materials & products (single-use, sterilised needles, anaesthetic creams, …)
  • The most hygienic methods (in accordance with all PMU guidelines)
  • Hours worked (1 hour for initial application and 1 hour per follow-up)
  • All extra advice & information free-of-charge
  • Quality GUARANTEED!

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We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

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