Pigmentation Aréole

It goes without saying that for this medical permanent make-up discipline, we adhere to the strictest privacy protection policy for our clients. As a matter of fact, for areola repigmentation we always schedule a free intake interview, because every areola repigmentation is extremely individual.

Some of the differences:

The correction or reconstruction of a nipple or areola at the same time as or after:

  • A breast reconstruction, after breast cancer, for example. The nipple and the areola are recreated with a fantastic result!
  • A breast reduction: In these cases, a (white) scar is often left around the areola and the line to the underside of the breast is visible, or a portion of the areola has lost its colour.
  • Too light or too small areolae: In these cases, the colour can be modified until the desired colour and size are achieved.

Call us at our toll-free Green Number 0800/82.918 to make an appointment for a free intake interview, or contact us using the contact form.


During the free intake interview, you may take a look at the Before & After photo portfolio in PDF of an areola repigmentation treatment.

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