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Dermatography with permanent make-up! Repigmentation of the areola or scar tissue camouflage after breast reduction, breast enlargement, other breast surgery or aesthetic repigmentation of the existing areolae.

Permanent make-up techniques for dermatography!

What is it and why

Scars or other imperfections can undermine self-confidence. Using dermatography with permanent make-up techniques, colour differences are completely or partially resolved until, after several treatments, a satisfactory result is achieved.

Dermatography is often the final cosmetic intervention and helps you regain your radiant appearance.

Dermatography with permanent make-up is a camouflage technique in which skin-coloured pigments are introduced permanently into the skin. The treatment is ideally suited to covering, camouflaging or softening scars and to the colouring in of pigment imperfections, as well as for the reconstruction, enlargement or aesthetic improvement of the areola (areola mammae).

Dermatography is utilised in the following situations:

– Aesthetic colouring in of the existing areolae, evening out of colour differences between the two areolae or the intensification of the colour of the existing areola

– Colouring in of the areola after plastic surgery

– Scar tissue camouflage after breast surgery (breast reduction, breast enlargement, breast reconstruction after cancer treatment, …)

– Scar tissue camouflage on the head and scalp, after brain surgery, for example, or scarring of the cranium resulting in a loss of hair growth in that area


Dermatography is used where you personally think it is necessary. At a first consultation, which takes the form of a free intake interview, we discuss the treatment and advise you about the best options for you.

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Master Permanent Make-up Artist, specialising in dermatography
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