Permanent Perfection®, permanent make-up techniques.

Permanent make-up for eyebrows is the best way to perfect your look. In the swimming pool or sauna, crying or laughing, permanent make-up remains perfect in every situation. Using an extremely thin needle, a special, safe pigment is applied right underneath the surface of the skin.

This is totally different than a tattoo, which remains visible for a lifetime. Permanent make-up very gradually becomes lighter. Depending on the technique used, the pigmentation remains beautiful for two to five years. Permanent make-up is a discipline made up of many techniques.

The benefits of permanent make-up

– Painless method.
– Pigments are colourfast. Quality guaranteed and no discolouration to petrol grey or red/brown, which can only happen with inferior pigments.
– We work with extremely high-quality pigments, and they can also be removed, if necessary.
– Unique hair stroke technique for true-to-life brows.

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