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Eyebrows – hair strokes permanent make-up 

Thin and/or irregular hair growth of the eyebrows can be completely corrected with permanent make-up to create the appearance of a smooth and even eyebrow. Any scars in the eyebrows can also be camouflaged with permanent make-up. Has excessive depilation of the eyebrows left you with practically no brows? With permanent make-up, the original expressiveness of your face is restored.

Augmenting the eyebrows is suitable for any one whose eyebrows have become very thin and light. This is also a good choice for those with a very warm and light skin type. In almost all cases, the eyebrows will no longer need to be dyed after the permanent make-up treatment. After healing, the eyebrows have a soft appearance and do not look too conspicuous. We strive to achieve an extremely natural look.  After the treatment, removing stray hairs is easy, since the perfect shape has already been defined.

Are your eyebrows still clearly visible, but you would like to accentuate their shape or there are a few hairs missing? The hair strokes technique is used to draw hairs on the skin which are indistinguishable from the real thing. Your eyebrows once again look full, and their shape is perfectly accentuated. Very natural!

Do you have (almost) no more eyebrow hair, and would you like to once again have full eyebrows? This is possible using the hair strokes technique in combination with a shadow technique. The result looks extremely natural and is therefore ideally suited to alopecia patients and also after a course of chemotherapy.

See the page on eyebrow shadow techniques.

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