Scalp pigmentation – Tricopigmentation

What is scalp pigmentation?

Scalp pigmentation, or tricopigmentation, is new to Belgium.

It’s an innovative solution for hair loss for both men and women: a method for pigmenting the scalp in the places where less hair or no hair grows. A biological ink is used to pigment the scalp. The result is astonishing.  Thanks to a sophisticated pigmentation device, this pigmentation technique simulates the short hairs of a closely shaved head.

The Permanent Make-up Artist must be specially trained to perform this procedure. Professionalism in scalp pigmentation is extremely important to achieve the best possible permanent result. Fernando Nascimento is one of only three Permanent Make-up Artists in Belgium who have been specially trained for this procedure. There are only two institutes that perform this scalp pigmentation: one in the Netherlands and one in Germany.

Take a look at the examples in the short films below and discover how your life is going to change!

Every scalp is different. The scalp pigmentation treatment is adapted to your skin type and to your own hair.  It gives you a completely new hairline and reduces the contrast between the colour of your scalp pigmentation and your natural hair colour.

What is scalp pigmentation used for?

You can utilise scalp pigmentation for the following applications:

  • To supplement areas of natural hair loss or thinning hair
  • To fill in balding spots
  • To improve the appearance of an area with hair implants
  • To camouflage scars left behind by older types of hair transplantation and/or other causes

Ready for scalp pigmentation?

Of course you are! It will change your life. Would like to benefit from this outstanding scalp pigmentation technique?

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