Scar tissue camouflage

Various possibilities for scar tissue camouflage

Scars can form as a result of burn wounds, surgical procedures or accidents. With scar tissue camouflage, we look at the type of scar and at which colours can be used to camouflage it.

It is always easier to darken a zone than to lighten it. Depending on the technique that will be used, we try to achieve the same colour as the surrounding skin. In most cases, the scar will be virtually invisible after the treatment. In some cases, however, only a slight improvement can be achieved. These outcomes are explained and discussed in detail ahead of time.

For scar tissue camouflage, we always work with a free intake interview.  This consultation serves as an introductory interview and as an opportunity to discuss, in detail, the options and what you can expect from them. That way you get an idea of the final result, the treatment duration and the number of treatments needed to achieve a perfect result. Of course, you also receive a price quotation at no obligation.

The proper treatment preparation is essential. You know what will happen during the treatment and what you must do as after-care.

A colour test is always performed at the time of the first treatment. This allows us to gain insight into how the pigment is absorbed into the skin and to rule out any allergic reactions, if applicable. Because the skin is made up of various colours, several treatments are needed in order to achieve the right tones.

After the treatment, we explain to you how to continue the after-care at home. You receive all of the instructions you need, both verbally and in writing.

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scar tissue camouflage on a scalp from a hair implant line or band.
(see photo)

Litteken haarimplantatie

For this treatment, we also work with a free intake interview. Or, in some cases, we can discuss the work and approve it or not just by looking at a clear photo you send in to us. We can also give you a customised quotation during the interview or on the basis of the photo.

The scar is concealed using the scalp pigmentation technique, in which the scar becomes completely, or as good as completely, invisible. Everything depends on the hair that remains around the scar.  Hair stubble and short hairs are imitated by applying pigments to the scar. This way you do not notice the difference between your own hair and the pigmented hair simulation.

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¨Request an appointment and/or more information here.¨
We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment.

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