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Permanent Perfection® Institute – Passion for Permanent Make-up

Fernando Nascimento, Master Permanent Make-up Artist in various disciplines.
Trained and participating in ongoing continuing education in national and international training centres. Sub-specialisation programmes completed with various International Master Permanent Make-up Artists in all specific PMU techniques.

Everlasting beauty is something that everyone strives for. Permanent make-up is a craft that can support these aesthetics in various disciplines. It goes without saying that the face is the most important part of our body.

The face is the primary part of the human body which allows us to recognize one another as individuals. In addition, facial expressions in others allow us to read each other’s feelings. A person’s facial expressions are often an important indication of his or her frame of mind and mood.

Permanent make-up is an ideal partner for the aesthetic embellishment of facial features: it can be used to enhance the eyebrows, the eyes and the lips, among other areas.

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A healthy mind in a healthy body!

In addition to working with the face and especially the eyebrows, Fernando also specialises in scalp pigmentation. It’s an innovative solution for hair loss for both men and women: a method for pigmenting the scalp in the places where less hair or no hair grows. No one should have to go through life bald!

Natural beauty is our passion!

The proof that Fernando works from the heart and has made permanent make-up his passion is that he has also earned an extra specialisation in areola reconstruction. Elegant methods have been developed to reconstruct the breast after an accident or cancer treatment, for example. Nowadays these methods can even be called brilliant. Rounding off the reconstruction of the areola using permanent make-up completes the overall aesthetic impression. You feel like a whole woman again!

Honest, informative and personalised advice.

Feeling good starts with being perfectly informed. After all, everyone is unique. At Permanent Perfection, it goes without saying that we will provide you with information at no obligation and at no cost to you. We give an appropriate answer to your questions and needs.

By appointment, naturally, we are happy to listen! Fernando Nascimento always takes the time to explain everything in detail himself.

Do not hesitate to contact us today using our contact page!

¨Request an appointment and/or more information here.¨

¨Request an appointment and/or more information here.¨

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